SERBIA – The #eurovision hashtag and the one of #RTS is on the photo Mia Pijade posted on Instagram yesterday, hinting potential Eurovision participation. She a sound engineer is in the studio with famous Eurovision composer Vladimir Graić so there must be “fire” in the story. Does this mean that he will compose once again the Eurovision entry?

Vladimir Graić (Serbian: Владимир Граић, born 19 February 1968) is a Serbian composer of popular, film and television music. Among other pieces, he composed the song Molitva, performed by Marija Šerifović, which won the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest.

A versatile, many-sided personality, he used his talents in many more artistic activities: he co-founded and co-directed the biggest Serbian pop music festival “Beovizija”, first held in 2003, and organised by RTS, the Serbian national broadcaster. In 2004, it became the Serbian semi-final to choose songs for the final of “Evropesma” (Eurosong). The winner of Evropesma was to represent Serbia and Montenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2004 he founded the Radio Festival of Serbia (Radijski festival Srbije), organised by the most popular radio station in the country “Radio S”, promoting Serbian pop music. Apart from this, he has participated in all major music festivals as music director, member of the jury and author of compositions.

was born on the 25th.November 1995 in Kragujevac, Serbia. She’s been singing professionally since the age of five. Danica is a third grade student of the Kragujevac Music School and is a member of “Abrasevic” – the traditional and cultural centre of Balkan music. She prefers ethno music and wishes to preserve traditional Balkan and Serbian heritage. Danica performed all throughout Serbia as a guest to the greatest names such as Jelena Tomasevic, Bilja Krstic, Djurdjevi stupovi…She participated at the opening of “Youth Worlds Olympiad” in Czech Republic She also performed at Brno 2004, at “Children sing hits”. Danica had also various TV and Radio appearances. Watch this space… In 2008 shes recorded song from very popular serios ,,Ranjeni Orao,, and 2009 recorded song for serios ,,Grehovi njene Mame,,……. Osvojeno prvo mesto u serijalu Sljivik Radio Televizija Srbije u kategoriji vokalni solista sa pesmom ,,Kisa pada trava raste,, and she participated in the 2015 national final: Graić was also tasked with selecting the performers of these three entries, opting to selected two established Serbian artists, Bojana Stamenov and Aleksa Jelić, and one undiscovered talent, Danica Krstić, to perform the three entries. RTS held the national final Odbrojavanje za Beč where the song “Ceo svet je moj” performed by Bojana Stamenov emerged as the winner after topping both the votes of a jury panel and a public televote.