LUMINITA ANGHELThe team is reviewing the songs across Europe for the national finals. This time we got the Romanian national selection ones and we listened them very carefully. Here is our review of the songs for both semifinals (audio links provided also).

1. Tudor Turcu – Hello
Tudor Turcu, the winner of the second season of X Factor Romania, is presenting a pop-rock song produced by Norbert Kovacs. The song is in the same note as the ones Norbert produced for Tabasco in the 2008 and 2009 National Finals. Tudor’s voice makes this song more enjoyable though.

2. Robert Turcescu & Casa Presei – Un refren
The well-known journalist, Robert Turcescu, submited bland rock-ballad, a song that has old written all over it. Also, the fact that he sings it in Romanian doesen’t help. Robert seems to have no problem in singing the song but the lack of musical experience might cost him. Music by Gabriel Basarabescu.

3. Electric Fence – Emilia
Electric Fence where the runners-up in last year’s NF and a big surprise they where. Now the group is presenting us “Emilia”, an ethnic song in English. Elena has a stuning voice but her pronunciation is not that good. The song is composed by Electric Fence.

4. Diana Hetea – I believe in love
Diana Hetea took part in the first season of X Factor Romania, but she bacame more popular after she released her single “Back to me” featuring Adrian Sina (Akcent). Her entry, “I believe in love”, is an amazing ballad and it’s one of the hot favourites in the Selection and, as we can see from the live auditions, she took it perfect. The only thing she has to work on is the communication with the audience, as she seems to focus to much on singing perfect and she forgets about the emotions. Music by Jonas Gladnikoff, Johnny Sanchez, Sara Ljunggren, Michael James Down, Anders Kollerfors.

5. Station 4 – Your heart is telling me so
Known in Romania for their participation in the second season of X Factor Romania, Station 4 are submiting a nice pop-ballad but nothing more than that. The song is composed by Mihai Alexandru, who also composed the Romanian entry in Eurovision 2003, “Don’t break my heart”.

6. Edict – Buddy Buddy
Edict is a group that participated many times in the Moldovan Selection. For Romania they are proposing a song that can’t be attached to any genre as it’s a mixture of sounds. The lead vocal sings it in a strage way also. The song is composed by Valeriu Cataraga.

7. FreeStay – Criminal mind
When he was only 13 years old, Florin Ristei, the lead singer of FreeStay had a smashing hit in Romania entitled “Ea este Dana”. Now he is an adult and he brings a rock song that could do quite well, but this Semifinal is really strong and that should be a problem. The song is composed and written by Matei Alexandru Mihai and Florin Ristei.

8. Maximilian Muntean – Broken heart
Participant in the first season of The Voice, Maximilian Muntean, is coming with a very nice ballad entitled “Broken heart”. The song is really good and he already proved his vocals abilities, but again, this Semifinal is strong. Music by Petru Calinescu.

9. Brigitta & Mihai feat. T.I.P.S – One heart
Both Brigitta and Mihai took part in Megastar and The Voice, Mihai also wining Megastar 3. Together they submited a very good pop song with a fresh sound. This, together with their vocal abilities could really turn it into a Dark Horse. The song is composed by Tudor Nitu and David Ciente.

10. Natalia Barbu – Confession
The Moldovan representative in Eurovision 2007 is trying her chance for Romania now with a stuning and powerful ballad. She has great vocals abilities, no doubt about that, and as I said, the song is really good, so she could be a contender. Music by Radu Sirbu (former member of O-Zone) and Ana Sirbu.

11. Spin & Cezar Dometi – Silver lining
Spin is a well-kniwn band in Romania as they had some hits in the last decade like “Nimeni pe drum” or “Ploaia”, while Cezar Dometi is known for eliminating David Bryan (Romania 2011) in the second season of The Voice. The song that Spin and Cezar Dometi created together is called “Silver lining” and it’s a nice pop tune but nothing spectacular.

12. Liviu Mititelu – La donna di nero
An interesting song in Italian, sounds like a Sanremo song from the 80’s. The song should do well, but the bad reputation that Liviu has as a manele singer might cost him. Music by Liviu Mititelu.

13. Cezar – It’s my life
Cezar is one of the bigest voices in Romania and he is submiting a good pop-opera song wich he can handle perfectly. The song is composed by Cristian Faur, who also composed the Romanian entry in Eurovision 2005, “Let me try”.

14. Tammy – Firebird
Tammy also took part in the 2008 and 2009 NF as lead vocal of Imba. Then, she showed that she has some vocal abilities but it’s not perfect all the time. This year she brings a great dance tune produced by The Lions Beat.

15. Luminita Anghel – Unique
The Romanian representative in Eurovision 2005 is submiting a very diiferent entry now. A jazzy, somehow classy, ballad and she can sing it perfectly. I like the song a lot but I don’t think it’s suitable for Eurovision. Music by Rafael Herrero.

16. Anthony – Dream girl
There are a lot of things to say about Anthony: former member of the group Insane, runner-up in the Romanian 2011 NF, participant in the Moldovan Preselection for Eurovision 2011, participant in the first season of The Voice and one of the most apreciated music video director in Romania. The song that Anthony proposes for Eurovision is very good, somewhat dance, somewhat ballad. Music by Marcus Frenell, Frederik Randquist, Hanif Sabzevari, Jimi Thiesen, Michael James Down.

1. Ovidiu Anton – Run away with me
Former member of Pasager (NF 2010) and one of the best vocal performances in last year’s NF, Ovidiu Anton is submiting a very nice pop-rock ballad. His voice is good and knowing the fact that the Semifinal is quite weak he might have a chance. Music by Ovidiu Anton.

2. Leticia – We are one
Leticia also partipated in the 2011 NF and now she is presenting a song with a Eurodance flavour. At the auditions she was one of the most apreciated voices so she could do well. Music by Radu Alexandrescu and Sandu Stefan.

3. Mosquito – Feel the same
Mosquito aka Florin Iordache was runner-up in the second season of Megastar and former member of the group Krypton. He has a good voice but his song, “Feel the same”, is just bland and forgetable. The song is composed by Gabriel Baruta (former member of Hotel FM, the Romanian representatives in Eurovision 2011).

4. Alin Vaduva – Storyline
Alin was runner-up in the first season of X Factor Romania. “Storyline” is a very beautiful ballad that unfortunately lacks power. Music by Kevin Borg, Simon Gribe and Aidan O’Conner.

5. Al Mike feat. Renee Santana – What is love
Al Mike is the composer of Romania 2003 and he also took part in the 2011 NF, while Renee Santana is the niece of the worldwide music star Carlos Santana. The song is dance, with a bit of Eurodance flavour, but very modern. Renee’s voice is very good so they will definetly sing in the Final aswell.

6. Diana Matei – Ma ma he
This song is very annoying for me. A very large mixture of genre that even Diana, who has a good voice, can’t seem to handle it well. Music by Diana Matei and Gabriel Alexandru.

7. 9 Gardens – All for naught
Another mixturing type of song, very annoying. All we know about 9 Gardens is that they created the project in Switzerland. Music by Cary Shields, Dan Secheli, Florin Stefan and Radu Iaszberenyi.

8. Zuralia – Sukar Transilvania
Probably the weakest song in the NF, an ethnic entry in Romani language. It’s not the language, it’s just that the song is bland and very repetitive. It is somehow a bad copy of Goran Bregovich. Music by Aurel Mirea.

9. ABCD – Final de razboi
Cristina, former member of Impact, is coming with an amazing ballad. It’s a pitty that the song is in Romanian as it would’ve had much more chances in English. Nevertheless the song is awesome and Cristina has a great voice. Music by Cristina Haios and Gabriel Maga.

10. Elena Carstea Muttard – Spinning
Elena was the big favourite in the Romanian NF for Eurovision 2004 but she lost in fromt of Sanda. Now she is proposing a very classy song that seems to have nothing to do with Eurovision but she can do well thanks to her voice. Music by Elena Carstea Muttard and Cristian Faur (composer of Romania 2005).

11. Narcis Iustin Ianau – Seven
Narcis was runner-up in the first season of Romania’s Got Talent and he proved that he has an amazing voice. The problem here is with the song that seems to be very, very boring. Music by Dan Horatiu Dumitras and Narcis Iustin Ianau.

12. Claudiu Mirea – I feel so high
The winner of the third season of Megastar and participant in the first season of The Voice, Claudiu Mirea is bringing a very nice song but that’s it, only nice. The song is produced by K1 Productions.

13. Andrei Leonte – Paralyzed
Andrei Leonte won the first season of X Factor Romania thanks to his amazing voice and charisma. For Eurovision he submited a very good dance ballad that will definetly take him to the Final. Music by Mike Eriksson, Johnny Sanchez and Michael James Down.

14. Cristian Prajescu – The best thing in life is to love
Nobody knows to much about Cristian but from what we heard from the auditions he has a very good voice for a 16 year old teenager. “The best thing in life is to love” is a very good ballad but the fact that he is unknown might be a problem for him.

15. JuL – Wake me up
JuL, former member of the band Hi-Q, is coming with a very good dance song, probably the most mainstream song in this Selection. A lot of dubstep in it. Song composed by Viky Red.

16. Phaser – Pur toi et pour moi
Probably the most boring song I’ve ever heard. It doesen’t matter that it’s in French, the song is still just a very boring pop-rock dance entry. Music by Florin Pop-Magda, Tinu Vidaicu, Lucian Oprisan, Arnold Birta, Carina Dumitru, Radu Racz and Corian Paun.

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