The submission period for the Romanian National Final has ended and 135 songs where entered in the preselection. Among the artists that submited an entry we can find: Lora (NF 2007 and 2010), Robert Turcescu & Casa Presei, Luminita Anghel (Romania 2005), Elena Carstea (NF 2004), Electric Fence (NF 2012), Cezar Oatu, Daniel Robu (NF 2003), Liviu Mititelu, Alin Vaduva and Naomi.

The preselections will start on Wednesday and the 24 – 28 finalists will be revealed on February 16. The Semifinals are scheduled for 23 and 24 February, while the Final will be held on March 9.


  1. And what about Natalia Barbu and Confession? :P

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