VALENTINA MONETTAWhat are you doing on March 15th? Well if you are masochists enough we have for you the presentation of the San Marino Eurovision 2013 entry. We already know that the Valentina Monetta will strike sing again in the contest, a song titled “Crisalide” and we would definitely lie to you if we say we anticipate to listen to it. The song will be presented through special TV show at 20:25 CET (well you know San Marino it might be an hour late anyway). The stream will take place also on web TV. Ralph Siegel and Mauro Balestri penned the… song.


  1. I hope that guy’s face s as red as a tomato. San Marino’s entry is a definite contender. With his snarky remarks, Mr. Al Kaziri proves that he knows little about his subject. While the Facebook song last year was obviously pure Siegel crap, Valentina Moetta was clearly a more than competent performer, which Chrisalide certainly attests to.

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