Salvador Sobral doesn’t perform Eurovision winner song and audience react

PORTUGAL – It is no secret that Salvador Sobral is not a big fan of the Eurovision Song Contest. In an interview during Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv he said that he submitted his song just for the national festival in Portugal and never thought he would represent his country in Eurovision.

A series of incidents followed. When he won Eurovision 2017 he attacked songs like the Swedish entry saying that it is a fast food song causing the reaction of Robin from Sweden and Alex from Romania. He also performed his song in a different way during the rehearsals because he was bored, as he stated. Then, during wildfires relief concert he said that the audience would even applaud him if he farts. Then he started speaking about terrorist attacks and how the media are responsible for them. He might apologised for all these but he continued…

On July 26th during his latest concert those who attended the event waited for Salvador to sing his Eurovision 2017 entry but although they were asking for him to come back on stage, Salvador never returned and never performed the song which made all Portuguese proud this year. Then the audience started booing him was it seems they had enough with his attitude.

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