RYAN DOLANHello Ryan! First of all thanks for giving us this interview, we’ll have the opportunity to meet you a little bit before Eurovision.


What were your first feelings when you heard you were going to represent Ireland? It was so tense and so close in the end but I was absolutely delighted! All the acts in this year’s Eurosong competition were so good that the votes could have went any way – when I realized we had won I couldn’t believe it, I still can’t! It really felt amazing though and I know we have a great team going to Malmo this year and we are all really looking forward to performing on the big stage!

What is your favourite type of music? Could you tell us wich artists do you listen in you mp3 or i-pod? I’m a big fan of pop music, I love Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, One Republic, The Script and Queen. I also love dance/club music like David Guetta and Swedish House Mafia and like to cover their songs at my gigs sometimes. Right now on my iphone I’m listening to Dirty Diana!

How do you feel when you are singing in front of a public? It’s my favorite part of this whole journey – there’s no feeling like it! I sang for a crowd of 20,000 at a Jedward concert in Ireland which was such an amazing experience but to perform my own song, “Only Love Survives”, live to a million people for the Eurosong competition was the best thrill I’ve had so far and I can’t wait to perform in Malmo, it’s going to be so much fun !

Do you carry any good-luck charm?
Yes, I keep a shamrock charm on my wrist and hopefully it will give me the luck of the Irish in Sweden!

How do you spend your free time? Do you do any sport?
I try to get to the gym and work out every day because it’s so important to look after your health and it makes me feel great too. I also like to cook and nothing beats chilling out on the sofa to watch a good movie.

If you could be invisible during a day, What would you do?
I always like to play pranks my manager Conor and our team so being invisible would make it much easier ha!!

If you had to sing an Eurovision winning entry, which one would you choose? It would have to be “Rock n Roll Kids” which won for Ireland in 1994 – I was still a kid then but I remember the buzz in our house when Eurovision came on and that song has been my favorite ever since, I love it!

Have you thought about what kind of costumes will you wear during your Eurovision performance? What is your favourite fashion style? I have thought about a few different ideas but I will be working it out with our stylist in the coming weeks, my favorite style I would say is casual rock, I like the way Usher dresses!

Do you have any message for our readers?
Only love survives – So be love!


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