COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – Today, Ruth Lorenzo spent some time with tens of her fans, who accompany her to Copenhagen. After appearing at the Euroclub festival, the Spanish singer appeared at the Eurovision Village in the centre of the city where she undertook an impromptu performance of the song “Dancing in the Rain”.

This is the song that she will perform with on Saturday and which is considered with a good chance of success. Accompanied by her backing group, Ruth Lorenzo surprised her fans, even in the cold and cloudy day that was present today.

Then she went other area of the city, arriving in a white sportscar. She was accompanied by sounds of “Yes, we can, Yes, we can” and “Spain, Spain” and posed for photos.

Even though the majority of her support is Spanish, she has received strong support from UK fans, since previously appearing on the UK version of “X Factor”. She also happened to find an American from Utah, a place where she spent some of her early years as a child.

Ruth has had to contend with health concerns, needing to rest her voice prior to her arrival in Denmark but this does not appear to affect her and she continues to promote the song and her candidacy.

Tomorrow will be the Eurovision Semifinal but for now, Ruth and her fans are hoping that Saturday brings an end to fourty years of waiting for victory at Eurovision. Spain is automatically qualified for the final.