MOSCOW, RUSSIA – The filming of the music video for Russia’s entry to the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest is underway. The country will be represented by the Tolmachevy Twins with the song “Shine”. Valery Hrapov was responsible for the styling in the video. “We didn’t want the girls to look like Russian dolls.

On the contrary, we have made them into fashionable European beauties. To do this I made a contrast between them. One is dressed in black and the other in white. They are like Yin and Yang. They both wear long earrings and interesting hats. From teenage girls they have turned into elegant ladies”, Valery says, describing their style as “fresh and young”.

The video was directed by Aslan Akhmadov. It will be in black and white with the colours flowing from one to another. The director believes that this is the whole point of the twins, because they are the same.

“There is no storyline in the video as such. There is a romantic story of two twins, who sincerely love each other and can’t live differently”, Aslan says. It is not the first time the director has been working with the girls. They cooperated eight years ago when the twins represented Russia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

“I remember them from that time as happy children jumping on a trampoline. When Philipp called me and said we will be filming the Tolmachevy sisters, I was surprised, saying that they are still babies. But when I saw them I realised how wrong I was. Masha and Nastya have become adults, with their own point of view. Whether they win or not, it doesn’t matter, either way they will be successful”, Aslan concludes.