RUSSIA – Russian media have been talking about the amount of participants who in Kiev have been plagiarising Russia’s 2016 entry by Sergei Lazarev, “You are the only one”.

Given how the 2016 contest emerged with the victory of Jamala for Ukraine, with “1944”, it appears that the direction has been given to plagiarism by other nations.

Notable among these are Cyprus who is accused of using a rotation against the background of the starry sky and geometric figures, almost a copy of Sergei Lazarev and Montenegro, who it is claimed used his image against the background of the screens with views of the universe.

Azerbaijan is also accused of copying the 2016 Russian entry, with the singer floundering in the room in a manner similar to that of Lazarev.

It is further claimed that Eurovision fans have flooded social networks with collages, where they highlight massive plagiarism against the 2016 Russian entry. Recalling how, last year, it was Sergei Lazarev who won the viewers vote in the contest and it was the jury’s opinion which decided that Ukrainian singer Jala should have been victorious.

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