SPAIN – José Antonio Sánchez, President of RTVE has given an account to ministers regarding Spain’s Eurovision expectations. In summary, he said that future results are a mystery since there is no magic solution to results which have placed Spain in the last six in nine occasions since 2005.

Mention was made of other Top 5 nations ending up in bottom positions in recent years even when they’ve made huge efforts to avoid it. Adding to this, José Antonio Sánchez stated that “it’s a priority to establish a system by which a good position could be obtained in the near future but results are not guaranteed as the current system does not reward just quality, although that is what TVE will look to achieve”.

The idea is to use the experience of internal experts and combine it with external professionals, something which has been previously undertaken to not much success. On the matter of costs, the president of RTVE refused to state how much had been spent on Eurovision as there is still a pending case regarding the matter from 2015 but he did state that lodging for 22 people who comprised the Spanish delegation totalled 43,350 Euros.

There was also no mention on the amount which has to be refunded to callers of last year’s national final, although the number of callers may be in the region of 55,000 people, which would be 13,000 more than the 2016 edition. Considering this year’s final will take place in Lisbon, expectation will be on Spain positioning themselves among the favourites.