• Laura Hotea-Fernezan 4 years ago

    Voltaj sucks, never liked them and they are not a rock band for sure, and not even close to be a good band! all tier crappy songs sound the same, huge lack of imagination, and it doesn’t mean a thing, not a good thing that they are popular among many Romanians, those for sure do not have good taste in music and not a very high IQ!

  • chihaiadumitru 4 years ago

    Man, I do not know from where you get your info and will surelly like to see the discussion betwen you and the „comunity”. We are proud to be reprezented by Voltaj and we do understand that they have to be physically ready for the big contest. I was at the romanian event in Bruxelles and nobody give and damn about the news that they wont sing for us. We just want them to win the contest. End of story. Get in touch with reality. Get in touch with romanian comunity on Facebook for the true story. We are all very sad about your stupid statement as this story of yours has traveled all way back to Romania.

  • Carmen Draghici Hopartean 4 years ago

    On behalf of Arthis, organisers of the event in Brussels, we would like to inform you that your article is not correct and the information is wrong. As organisers, we never made the declarations you sustain in the article and everything is just suppositions.
    The vote is personal, is not the community that gives the vote and Romanian people will always support and vote Romanian candidates.
    Carmen Draghici
    Director of Arthis

    • Fotis Konstantopoulos (Greece) 4 years ago

      Dear Carmen
      Although we got information from very secure sources we welcome any refutation from official email and official letter at oikotimesofficial@gmail.com so we can publish your side of the story . I am sure you will agree it would be more official and professional to reply that way – thank you in advance

  • warsongu 4 years ago

    F*uck Voltaj. They are awarded as the best “rock” band here by MTV and other crap, but in truth they are the mock of everything that has any connections with rock at all here in Romania.

  • balauru 4 years ago

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