• Μαριος Μαυρος 3 years ago

    They should definitely not suffer from any boycot of course though…If you like their song feel free to vote them & not just go with other acts because of this reason alone..
    *All Over Again* is good enough song to qualify..
    So dear Romania should not lose its great impressive record of giving the present to all the finals since the introduction of the semifinals for any reason other than not having a good enough song/performance to get the ticket for the final..

  • Μαριος Μαυρος 3 years ago

    Well this makes sense…BUT…I really don’t know on the other way…As i read the article it seems that they said different words to the Romanian community…Like it was themselfs alone that had to get paid to perform live…It is possible that they just try to save their image because of the ugly reactions with claiming now that its was the techinicians thing really..
    As they say…Where there is smoke…There is a fire..
    After all the Romanians absolutely did not have any reason to lie about this & hurt their own country’s act in EuroVision after all..

    Oikotimes’ image has been hurt as they say that you guys spread fake rumors & lies..

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