LISBON, PORTUGAL – Rita Guerra who represented Portugal at Riga in 2003 with the song “Deixa-me sonhar (só mais uma vez)” has commented that she would love to take part once again, said on a recent interview to ESC Portugal.

Rita has recently launched her new album “Volta” (Return) and with a thirty year career behind her is looking for continuous and exciting challenges. Commenting on her Eurovision experience, she was amazed about performing on such a big stage, a novelty for her at the time and she felt that the professionalism of Eurovision made everything easy to do.

Although not happy with the result obtained in the contest, Rita recognises that Portugal don’t have a great track record in the contest. “Few are the good results obtained at Eurovision but I would love to take part once more to fly our flag and raise our voice”.

On the 24th May 2003, when she performed at Eurovision, sad news of the death of her brother awaited her, however this was kept from her until she returned to Portugal. She still has fond memories of her time at Eurovision and continues to sing her Eurovision song at every one of her concerts.