Renting a Cinema Screen For the Night

Do you want to have an alternative night out experience with your friends and family? Rent a cinema screen and have a movie-watching experience like never before!

Read these points to learn why renting a cinema screen for the night out is a great idea…

Invite a Group of Your Friends or Family

Cinemas are one of the best places to make lasting memories. In this fast-paced world, it has become difficult to make time for each other. Watching a movie with your friends and family on a rented screen allows you to make memories and be with the people you care about.

Watch a Movie That You Want

Recently released movies feel much better when they are watched on a big screen, with a great sound system. So rent a screen for the night with your friends to feel the thrill and excitement of a new movie together in private.

When you rent a cinema screen, you are allowed to select a movie from a database. The database has a large collection of the latest and most famous classic movies, providing you with a chance to watch a movie that you want.

Enjoy Food While You Watch the Movie

When you rent a cinema screen to have a movie night with friends, you do not have to worry about serving food to your friends yourself. You can book food and drinks along with the movie. They will be served to your guests by the cinema workers. This way you will be able to enjoy the night without worrying about catering.

Watch a Movie in a Safe Environment

A new variant of the COVID-19 virus seems to be emerging every few months. Many people still think twice before going to a cinema where they have to sit among strangers, in case they catch the virus.  

If you too are concerned about your health, then renting a cinema screen is the right choice. It gives you a chance to have a movie experience with the people you trust and know. While cinemas will still ask you to follow certain precautionary measures, you will feel safer watching a movie without the general public being there.

Book The Cinema

Looking for a way to book a cinema screen for you, your family and friends? Book The Cinema helps people rent a cinema screen in 70 different locations across the UK. You can book a screen 72 hours before the event, and even add drinks and food to your booking. The process of renting a screen is very simple, and they provide you with different options to personalise your event. Get in contact with Book The Cinema to arrange a night out with your friends today!