Redecorating on a Budget: Tips to Consider

Are you considering giving your home or office a makeover, but aren’t sure where to start? Maybe you want to make your house or office look and feel better, but don’t have a huge amount of money to spend. Perhaps you’re not sure what you need to buy? The good news is that redecorating and giving your home or office a completely new look doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. Chances are that you already have a lot of things that you can repurpose or recycle to come up with a whole new look. 

Consider What to Redecorate

Before you start your project and come up with a budget you can work with, the first step is to figure out where you are going to start. Do you want to redecorate the entire space? Or, perhaps you are just looking for a new look for a certain room, such as your living room, bedroom, communal space, or office kitchen. Figuring out what you want to redecorate will help you set a budget for it. Once you’ve decided where to start, think about what you’ll need. Are you just going to be giving the room a fresh lick of paint, or will you be refurbishing too? Check out these foam bean bag designs for a cool, inexpensive furniture option for your office – there are options available for any room. 

Set a Budget

Having a budget in mind before you start redecorating will help to keep you in check and prevent you from going wild buying everything you want and overspending, says HouseBeautiful. Setting a budget allows you to consider how much you can afford on redecorating, whether you’re doing one room or many rooms, and allocate your money wisely. Once you have a figure that you are going to be comfortable spending, then you can shop around to find the things that you need within the budget. 

Consider Recycling

Chances are that you have some items that you will be able to reuse or recycle for your new-look room. Wooden furniture, for example, can easily be stained or painted, new handles added, and even stood on legs to give it an entirely new look and feel – you can transform it with paint, and it won’t even look like the same piece! Similarly, if you have a sofa that you’d like to change but can’t afford to, an inexpensive sofa cover can make a world of difference. 

Go Shopping

Last but not least, decide what you are going to buy for your new room. You may be able to save money by shopping around for offers on things like paint (see here) – lots of DIY stores often offer money off if you buy multiple tins, which can be great if you are decorating a large room or several rooms. Make a list of things you need and stick to it. If you’re buying items like furniture or curtains, for example, be sure to take measurements first so you’re not stuck with something that doesn’t fit. 

Redecorating is a fun project, but it can end up costing more than you bargained for. Keep these tips in mind if you want a new look for your home or office on a tight budget.