UNITED KINGDOM FLAGA songwriter has not given up on his Eurovision dream despite the BBC keeping the door closed to a vote on who should represent the UK. Raymondo Marcus has hit out at the corporation’s persistence with its decision to handpick the UK’s entry without consulting the public first. Should this year’s contestant, set to be unveiled next month, fail in Sweden, Mr Marcus believes the BBC’s longstanding tie with the competition should be severed and the vote to allow up-and-coming acts the chance to showcase their talents on the European stage reinstated.

He said: “It’s difficult because on one hand the BBC answers to no-one but on the other hand, with the licence fee, they answer to everyone – but they’ve shut the door on singers and songwriters… If we have another poor result this time, I believe the whole system should be looked at again to decide whether the BBC is the right body to take it on and, if not, perhaps someone like Simon Cowell, a promoter, should perhaps take over as he would take it seriously.”

The Marlow musician has unveiled his latest song, In The Light with professional singer Sara Lilly, which he believes would have a strong chance of ending this country’s 16 year Eurovision drought. His previous attempts – Winner and Danger No Stranger – failed to threaten the Euro pop scene because of the BBC’s 2011 ruling. “I’m taking a long term-view on this, which is I want to help the UK win the Eurovision Song Contest once again – we should be in it to win it. I still think Eurovision is a superb contest. What better contest could I, as a songwriter, win? You enter original material, with an original performance in front of millions of people.

The United Kingdom is announcing the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 entry and singer on March 18.

source: bucksfreepress.co.uk


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