QR Code Size: What is the Correct QR Code Dimension?

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The right size of QR code mainly depends on two factors – the location of the QR code, and the distance from where people will scan it, according to BusinessInsider. If you ignore these points while determining the QR code dimensions, you may end up generating an ineffective QR code.

The Value of QR Code Dimensions

The size of a QR code differs on the basis of your advertising environment. Its placement on magazines, billboards, posters, and packaging is different, so its size should also be different. It should be placed at the right site, so people can see it right away. When positioned in the wrong place, you will fail to take full advantage of potential scans.

The Size of the QR Code Dots

The size of the QR code dots depends on the amount of information you store in the code. The more information that needs to be stored, the smaller the size of the dots will be. It happens when you use static QR codes. If the QR code has smaller dots, your phone will have trouble recognizing them.

So if you want to store large amounts of data, you should use dynamic QR codes, which are easier to read and offer many more features than static QR codes.  

Data Storage Capacity of the QR Code

To understand the data storage capacity of the QR code, let’s first understand the difference between static and dynamic QR codes.

Static QR codes encode information in the form of graphics. Its dots get pixelated when a large amount of data is stored. You cannot change it once it has been created.

In contrast, a dynamic QR code is changeable, says Tech.gov.sg. You can customise and edit it as many times as you want. Their adaptability makes them a good choice for the business world.

A standard QR code generally stores up to 3KB of data. The storage capacity of a code varies based on its data type, version, and error correction level.

The Size of the QR Code that’s Scanned from a Short Distance

The size of QR codes scanned from a short distance should be at least 1.2 inches (3-4 cm) in size, so people can view them, and their devices can recognize them. You should also place them on sites where they are highly visible to people. Examples of QR codes that are scanned from a short distance are Wi-Fi QR codes, restaurant menu QR codes, and image QR codes.

The Size of the QR Code on a Business Card

Since business cards are small, you can only print a small QR code on them, if you want to print more information on the card. The minimum readable size of a QR code is 0.8 x 0.8 inches. Phones may not be able to recognize codes smaller than this.

The Size of the QR code That’s Scanned from a Long Distance

QR codes placed on billboards, posters and vehicles should be large, so people can scan them while standing at a distance. Their size depends on the scanning distance. The more the scanning distance, the larger the size of the code should be.

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