The band which won the Swiss 2013 national final, Heilsarmee, is not eligible to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 because their name and uniforms are branded although non-profit. EBU explained to that there must be a respect to the rules although a charity fund.


“The song in itself is not against the EBU rules. However, it is clear from the perspective EBU that the appearance in Malmö can take place only under the condition that the group is not in official uniforms of the Salvation Army and that the song is not officially designated and submitted as “Salvation Army Song”. At the meeting of the Reference Group in January it will be verified that these changes of the Swiss entry have been implemented. ”

Tomorrow the band and Schweizer Fernsehen (Swiss national broadcaster) will have a first meeting to resolve this and we expect developments by the dawn of the new year.

source: EBU


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