There are preliminary information regarding the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 as reported by secure sources from inside the Danish delegation though still unvonfrmed as the national broadcaster will finalize the host city and the venue by the end of August.

Our preliminary information say that it’s most likely to be in Copenhagen next year for the dates already announced by the EBU (May 13, 15 for the semifinals and 17 for the final). It is also reported that DR is highly thinking to host the show again at The Parken but somehow not using the full stadium (which is huge and thwy want to avoid the chaotic Eurovision of 2001).

EBU and DR signed today the contract for Denmark to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. How weird though: Immediately when Emmelie won, posted and banners appeared outside the venue and the press area (like the one you see in the photo) welcoming us all next year in Denmark. Were they so sure for their victory?