GREECE – Few days before the final ERT decision for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, the betting odds bring Greece in the top five of the bets when even yesterday the country was in the 17th position. Why is that? The only explanation is the rumours about Demy representing Greece in Kyiv.

While Demy and Stereo Soul are the final two bids for ERT to decide according to all information given, Demy’s bid seems to bring Greece back on the Eurovision map as a favourite. This reminds us the Margaret case last year with Poland. Not that Stereo Soul would be a bad solution for the country but Demy’s case is different.

Demy is more experienced on stage, has dozens of hits in the Greek market, she’s backed up by the Greek Eurovision Dream Team (Kontopoulos / Evangelinos) and she is favourite among the Eurofans and the Greek audience in general. For the first time for years now, Greece is placed high in the betting odds – and we don’t even have the song for Kyiv!

Should this say something to the inexperienced managers of ERT? In the meantime you can have a say in our poll whether your favourite Eurovision representative for Greece is and should be Demy or Stereo Soul.


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