LISBON. PORTUGAL – Until now everyone knows about the voting irregularities in Portugal. Now the saga continues and we are bringing you new informations as we talked with Carlos Coelho and Andrej Babic. They’ve told us that several people approached them with some testimonies about the voting procedure in Festival da Cancao that can reveal signs of possible corruption or fraud. Some even assure that it is a repetition of the same fraud that happened in 2007, when the same producer won.

Given to this, they’ve contacted a lawyer to formally request RTP for the complete data of votes in the semifinal and final. According to data that RTP gave them, in semifinal, the results were:

Rui Andrade and Catarina Pereira both had around 9000 votes while Susy had around 4000. Also, in semifinal, a system of a 1 vote per phone was used and the voting lasted only during the live show. In the final, Suzy boosted up to 41% of votes, while Catarina got 23%. In the final, unlimited votes were allowed per phone and the voting was open all week.

So, the fact that Suzy was “boosted” from the 5th place (with half the votes of Catarina and Rui), to the 1st place with double amount of votes is really suspicious. Specially when there seems to be not many Suzy fans in Portugal. No one defends the song in Portugal nor in Portuguese internet, and the song is now a Portuguese comedy, with radio and TV comedians making jokes about it. The Portuguese press also talks about a “scandalous win” and no one believes this voting to be real. Most likely, it was a “paid” victory with the producers of winning song voting tens of thousands of times for their own song. It may be not illegal, but it surely is immoral and a fraud.

Yes, we say that the loser can be angry because he lost, but what if the winner didn’t earn his win fairly? Will the truth come to light? Let’s hope for once it will.