LISBON, PORTUGAL – Several Portuguese artists, from the nationals selections and Portuguese Eurovision Singers are making statements to OGAE Portugal, official Facebook page, concerning the withdraw of Portugal on the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.


“Once again RTP is depriving the Portuguese people of one of the most important cultural events internationally.
What are we teaching our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, if this country doesn’t want anything to do with culture?”


It was with surprise and obviously with sadness that I received the news. Being the Eurovision Song Contest, one of the largest music events worldwide, seen by millions of viewers on five continents, where Portugal has a chance to promote our music and promote our country, it is clear that this opportunity should not be missed.
I hope that next year Portugal returns, with a strong bet, with a more competitive spirit.


“Well, I received this information with the same disappointment and shock as any other eurofan because I’m one!
I do not agree that we stop participating. During those three minutes all of Europe see on your performance the participation of our country, Portugal is seen, talked about, and we are not forgotten as so often! It is possible to go further, but to do a good job, we have to waste time, to investigate, study, bet … Portugal can and should achieve more.”


“I think it’s very bad that RTP took this decision, because it is an event of great importance. I also think that RTP never wanted to invest seriously in Eurovision, because if they did, I’m sure we would have won a few times. I’m sorry that RTP has investment for some things and never had the urge to do a strong bet in relation to this event. A lot has changed in this country and one of them was the lack of desire to “whom it may concern”, invest in culture.”


“Of course I’m sad that Portugal won’t participate in the next edition of the Eurovision. Very sad, because it was the story of my life and the story of many artists. It’s like a withdrawal from a fight for years and years. As I don’t like giving up I can’t agree with this decision.”


“The absence of Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest is appalling, indeed. Despite the failures of the previous years, RTP instead of fighting for arranging a song worthy and well built, that can appeal to all of Europe, prefers to “stick his head in the sand like the ostrich” and justify the absence with the worn out excuse of “huge expenses”. Take the example of the small northern countries who bet strong. Bet with a good musical strategy but also politically, institutionally and know take dividends of success, or if you want, just the fact that participate.
Work and make efforts to creat a Portuguese National Selection with glamour! There are people among us, fortunately, very capable.”


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  1. Really unfortunate that Portugal will withdraw from the EuroVision next year but its not like that i will really miss them…Although i still wanted them to be with us of course..
    This country must be my least favorite…48 participations & i only really like too few of them..
    I really do not wonder why Portugal’s best ever result in the contest is just the poor 6th place..

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