Danes should not write or sing in other countries selections for Eurovision, says the Danish People’s Partys media spokesman Morten Marinus in a debate in a danish newspaper. “It’s not betrayal of our country. We are not in war. But I think that the danish singers and songwriters have a moral obligation to offer the song to Denmark first” he says.
He wants the rules to be, that you have to live in a country for some years to participate in a local Eurovision selection for example.

The danish songwriter and Danish eurovision fan member Liza Petersen has got a song in the latvian selection. ” I think, that most songwriters want to represent their own country. But what about Celine Dion” she asks.

Danish commentator on DR1, Ole Tรธpholm, does not see a problem in the rules. “We can still hear if a song is from Turkey, Israel or Spain. But in the nordic countries the foreign singers does not have a good chance to win” he says.

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