Planning a Family Trip to Wyoming

When it comes to travel and vacationing, the state of Wyoming is lauded for being among the top tourist destinations in the US. It’s open spaces, historical sites, natural forestry, and wild animals make it even more suitable for traveling with kids.

As you plan for the Christmas holidays with your family, consider visiting Wyoming for adventure-filled activities. 

Places to Visit with Kids in Wyoming

Planning a trip with children is different than with friends or workmates. There is additional stuff to pack, unforeseen emergencies to prepare for, and careful consideration of the itinerary to include kid-friendly sites.

Luckily for you, there’s no shortage of such destinations in Wyoming. Let’s look at the fun places to visit and things to do while vacationing with kids here. 

Yellowstone National Park

Famous for its geysers, lush vegetation, waterfalls, canyons, wildlife, and hot springs, Yellowstone National Park is perfect for adventure and sight-seeing. 

Some of the activities that your kids will enjoy here include ranger programs, swimming in hot springs, and hiking. The place has secure and scenic camping grounds that are appropriate for children tourists.

Alternatively, you can find accommodation and dining experiences in the nearby Canyon Village lodges.

Jackson Hole Valley

If you or your kids love skiing, ice skating, or snowboarding, then Jackson Hole Valley has to find a place in your travel itinerary. This remote town might seem uneventful at first, but it houses three major ski areas.   

During summer, you can go horseback riding, nature tours, whitewater rafting, and hiking with children. 

Wyoming State Museum, Cheyenne

For a day filled with educational and historical stuff, mark a day to spend at the Wyoming State Museum in Cheyenne.

It is made up of several museums in one, making it a perfect stop for you and your kids to learn one or two things about the hosts. 

There’s also an area that contains interactive exhibits, where children dress up and play games meant to teach them about the environment.

Devils Tower National Monument

Standing at 1267ft tall, Devils Tower is a magnificent geological site and America’s first national monument. It is also a sacred area where native locals still conduct cultural ceremonies here.

Your kids will enjoy a day out for nature trails, hikes, and scenic views. It is also an opportunity for them to learn first-hand about geologic formations. 

Hot Springs State Park

Hot Springs State Park is home to numerous hot springs and Wyoming’s oldest park. Most tourists visit here with their children for the refreshing dives in hot spring water, but that’s not all it has to offer.

The mineral springs water is believed to be healing and therapeutic, with some areas being accessible free of charge. Hot Springs Park is also home to wildlife like bison herds, rainbow rock terraces, the Big Spring, and a swinging bridge over the BigHorn River.  

Staying Safe 

Traveling in an RV

Traveling to Wyoming with your family in a recreational vehicle is a cost-effective and fun experience. However, RVs are usually heavy and thus easier to lose control and cause an accident, so make sure you have some practice driving an RV before transporting your family


When traveling with kids, ensure that your accommodation choices are safe and children-friendly. For instance, a motel that is close to a nightclub might not be the best option for family vacations. You way wish to camp if the weather is nice, but make sure you have the right clothing. Make sure each family member has a heavy duty waterproof jacket if the weather takes a turn for the worse, to ensure everyone keeps dry and warm. Camping can be miserable if you’re cold and wet! 

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers things like medical illness during a trip, interruptions, cancelations, and evacuation. It is recommended that you look into a reputable travel insurance provider if you usually go for big-ticket trips or are visiting areas prone to natural disasters.