Business Tech

8 Ways to Supercharge Your Startup with Software

When launching a new business, one of the key things to get right from day one is efficiency. You don’t want your team of fresh new recruits wasting their time on repetitive tasks or manual work which can otherwise be taken care of by the machines. Adopting software can also help to improve employee engagement, […]

Industry Tech

Top Technologies Disrupting Residential Construction in 2020

Residential construction is ripe for disruption. For too long the industry has been plagued with mistrust, risk, and inefficiencies. We live in 2020 and yet the systems and processes used in residential construction are archaic and lack innovation. Why can’t the home buyer or person looking to renovate enjoy a seamless experience from start to […]


The Netflix Hanbok Trend: Can Foreigners Wear Hanbok?

The small-screen trend of hanboks on Netflix is helping new audiences discover and appreciate this beautiful Korean attire. If you’re among the many viewers tuning in to binge watch K-Dramas like “The Kingdom”, “The King: Eternal Monarch,” and “Mystic Pop-Up Bar” you’ve probably wondered what the story is with the gorgeous, princess-like skirts that the […]


5 Muscle Building Mistakes You’re Making

Most people in the gym want to build muscle, it’s that simple. But many of us make some pretty serious mistakes while there and inhibit our ability to reach our potential and hold us back.  Doing the Wrong Exercises It’s very easy when building muscle to focus on the wrong thing. Sure doing 1500 biceps […]

Food & Drink Health

Snacking on a Low Calorie Diet

If you are entering the world of a low-calorie diet, you might find that you are worried about how to squash those hunger pangs in between meals. After all, you might have worked out your main meal plans whereby you know what you are going to eat and what calories they contain but you might […]