The team of is listening the songs in various European national finals for the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and reviews the songs. After all this is what is known for and we love expressing our opinion. You can listen to the songs here and also vote in our Facebook poll.

Elija – Give me a sign – Nice pop, soft rock song. Elija is singing about his relationship that ended, but everywhere he turns he sees something that is remembering him about it. He also wants to turn back the time so he could look her one more in the eyes.
In my opinion, song is nice, but monotonous, and I am affraid that if it wins it wouldn’t do well on Eurovision. (6/10)

Yela – Feels like home – I really don’t know how people in Austria will get this song. You can either love it, either hate it, it is a soul song, and not everyone likes soul. It seems to me like she doesn’t have any vocal abilities, and that she is just reciting the song. And if I got the lyrics right, this is another song about old love. When she’s down, it will take her just a memory to feel better. I have to say that this is the biggest fail that ORF has made. (1/10)

Natalia Kelly – Shine – Contrary to Yela’s vocal, Natalia is sounding somewhere between Lena and Amy Winehouse. She is a young, cheerful girl and you will like her at first sight, so will Europe I hope. Her song has a simple and nice pop melody untill second verse, where we can hear how her voice can get powerful. For me this could be the winner. (9/10)

The Bandaloop – Back to the fantasy – It’s an electro pop song. You will be able to dance whole night in the club with this song. There is no question that the Bandaloop will make a spectacular show on the stage. I am already imaginig laser and pyrotehnic effects. There is no question that it will be a favourite to win Austrian national final. (9/10)

Falco Luneau – Rise above the night – By the first rhythms of song i had a deja vu that I am listening to Elija’s song, but I was so wrong, because untill the second minute song is monotonous ( but not so much as Yela’s :D ). If you listen to this song with eyes closed you will think that it James Blunt, also you can compare it with Lovebugs song from 2009. contest. This being another pop/rock song in the contest I have to ask my self is there anything other what Austrians can offer us. (6/10)