ONE Helps Banking Customers Reach Financial Independence

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Financial independence is a goal that many people aspire to reach, with many different meanings. For young adults, financial freedom means covering expenses without needing assistance from their parents. Middle-aged consumers believe it means living comfortably, supporting their families, and covering emergencies without falling into debt. However, older adults say financial independence is being able to retire happily. 

ONE Paving The Way

ONE understands the importance of financial freedom at every different stage of life. The founders and financial experts have worked hard to develop comprehensive solutions that make financial management, credit, and savings more manageable. ONE uses technology, top-rated banking products and quality customer service to assist its customers in getting one step closer to financial independence. 

Attractive Bank Offerings And Features

What makes ONE different from other banks? ONE stands out because of the value of their offerings. These include no fees, 3.00% APY, fee-free overdraft, and early direct deposit. All accounts are accessible on an easy-to-use app with an array of features that make banking 24/7 a breeze. 

Users can create Pockets or sub-accounts and distribute their income to align with their budgets and financial goals. There are primary Spend, Save, and Auto-Save pockets. Customers can also create categories of their own, ranging from gas and lunch to utilities and mortgage payments. You can share these accounts with other users, schedule transfers, and complete transactions with a virtual or physical debit card. 

More Money In Your Pocket

Banking fees can set people back immensely, reducing the amount of money they have to pay for everyday expenses, prepare for emergencies, or set aside for the future. ONE strives to lighten that load by offering no-fee accounts. These accounts have no minimum balance, maintenance, foreign transaction, wire transfer, or hidden fees, allowing customers to spread their income further. 

ONE also offers 3.00% APY interest. Most banks charge less than 1.00%. At 3.00%, customers can save hundreds of dollars more towards future goals like college or retirement.

Improved Credit

Credit is king in the world of finance. Whether you want to borrow a few bucks, buy a house, or apply for a business loan, your credit determines what you are able to borrow. Credit scores allow lenders to evaluate your risk level, loan amount, interest rate, and loan terms. It can be an obstacle to maintain stellar credit, and getting denied or looped into expensive agreements can start a cycle that takes years to recover from. 

ONE offers two products that make borrowing money and building credit easier. Customers in need of a loan can quickly turn their ONE debit cards into a line of credit upon approval. This can result in as much as $10,000 at 12% APR (understand APR here). This line of credit can be used to pay down debt, cover bills, handle emergencies, or make purchases without the high fees and hassle of other lending products.

ONE Credit Builder accounts are a great way to start building credit from nothing. There are no credit checks, application fees, or interest to worry about. Deposits as little as $20 can be deposited into a credit builder pocket. When you use your credit builder pocket to complete transactions, ONE reports these as payments to the major credit bureaus, enabling customers to improve credit scores over time. 

Why Choose ONE

No matter what financial independence means to you, it requires effort, discipline, and the right resources to accomplish. ONE has proven to be an invaluable tool for banking customers to reach their goals faster. ONE’s easy-to-use digital platform provides instant account access and indispensable features for proper money management. 

ONE also provides an opportunity to keep more money in customer’s pockets and so that they can reach their life goals faster. ONE’s credit offerings put consumers in a position to access extra cash while building credit history. With better management, increased savings, and excellent credit, financial independence is closer than you think.