• samsmales 5 years ago

    @ Fortis

    I have done some research, and here reads the third ‘paragraph’ of the Macedonian constitution ‘Article 3

    The territory of the Republic of Macedonia is indivisible and inalienable. The existing borders od the Republic of Macedonia are inviolable.The borders od the Republic of Macedonia may be changed only in accordance with the Constitution.’ I can see no reference to southern neighbors or the word liberation, also, the modern geographical Macedonia, reaches around Bulgaria, encompasses Macedonia, and goes into Serbia and Albania, as well as a sizable portion of Greece…

  • samsmales 5 years ago

    I quite like the Macedonian entry, and every year Greeks bring it back to this political war, Macedonia is not going to take your Macedonia away from you overnight because they share a name, its like saying people with your name are going to steal what you own because you have the same name… stop making a fuss over nothing

    • Fotis Konstantopoulos reporting from Greece 5 years ago

      @samsmales: I personally like the song a lot. about stealing something I have an argument: have you read their constitution? espeically paragraph 3 which says they reserve the right to liberate their southern brothers? :-)

  • Basilis Basileiou 5 years ago

    IF fotis and oikotimes were Nationalists then they will not wrote in the title Fyr Macedonia, but only FYROM (which is the correct for me, or to be writting the full name, because u dont wrote US America but USA)

  • metzenberg 5 years ago


    “They LOVE when other people steal the rich history of Greece. They get their own orgasm when FYROM steals greek history and they are so PROUD of it. Let them enjoy! the problem is solved anyway. mkrtv withdrawn the video and the song anyway! hahahaha I just love them been rediculed by themselves anyway!”

    How rude, arrogant and childish from you and your tiny little oikotimes.

    I hope it gets banned somehow.

    But I hope more for you to find some sense beyond your nationalism.

  • Basilis Basileiou 5 years ago


    I wish the same to you!

    I cant prove that i am not an elephant :) ….

  • Daniel Teppe 5 years ago

    Yes, GREEK nationalism. I never met anyone from Macedonia starting this topic, but go to ANY video of a macedonian ESC entry on youtube, and you will find it full of Greeks spamming the comment board with this stupid articifial problem. If you are so proud of your country (and I agree with you that in terms of history you got good reasons to be proud of it), why don’t you guys relax a bit? You’re so obsessed with this Macedonia topic…

    About your WW2 hint: thanks, I know the history of my country, probably better than you do. And it’s both typical and poor that people come up with that story when they discuss with someone from Germany and cannot find relevant points to argue…that tells little about me, but a lot about you.

    Referring to gay parades, as you were kind enough to mention them: Yes, I am indeed proud that Germany nowadays is a tolerant country where those parades are possible. It is a feature of civilized societies that this kind of parade is possible, but obviously you find it pretty comdemnable, which again tells more about you than about me.

    Anyway, my last comment on this. Relax, enjoy the song contest and have a fantastic life :)

  • Basilis Basileiou 5 years ago

    more?? Joseph Pilates…. Greek father and german mother…


    • Fotis Konstantopoulos reporting from Greece 5 years ago

      @ Basilis Basileiou: you are loosing your time with people like Daniel. They LOVE when other people steal the rich history of Greece. They get their own orgasm when FYROM steals greek history and they are so PROUD of it. Let them enjoy! the problem is solved anyway. mkrtv withdrawn the video and the song anyway! hahahaha I just love them been rediculed by themselves anyway!

  • Basilis Basileiou 5 years ago

    Want more?? visit this and learn about Constantinos Caratheodory’s… one of the biggest mahematicians of the world!
    and…what DO YOU have to be proud??? Gay parades?? hmmm….

  • Basilis Basileiou 5 years ago

    And learn that…. TEST PAP (for cancer) a medical test about the womens… was found it from the Greek doctor Papanikolaou… want more?? We have many modern things to be proud!!!

  • Basilis Basileiou 5 years ago

    i know history better than you!

  • Basilis Basileiou 5 years ago

    Daniel, the greek nationalism? Why you dont write about the other side? well done! at least my country hasnt to show world wars and genocides like Germany! Also on WW2 Greeks was against facism and the victims was many! So we many things to be proud…not only ancient!

  • Daniel Teppe 5 years ago

    Making such a huge fuzz about history if typical for countries who have little to be proud of at present….sorry, but that’s the way it is. This greek nationalism is so childish and pathetic…

  • metzenberg 5 years ago

    Basilis, grow up!

  • Rodrigo Romero H (@rodras29) 5 years ago

    may I suggest three crash courses? 1. English, 2. Journalism, 3. History! Greetings from Makedonia ;)

  • Basilis Basileiou 5 years ago

    Every year? Last year there was any problem? Well… my friend, the international name is FYROM… Greece reminds to EBU that this is the proper name…. and the democratic EBU on the scoreboard has is…FyrMacedonia… like if USA participate on esc…the scoreboard will shows US America?? Rediculus… i dont care what they believe or what you beleive, i know the history of my country and i am proud of it… if there are some crazy that think that the Slavs have any hostorical connection with the ancient macedonias…then… its better to read a book, or to visit a psycho..

  • metzenberg 5 years ago

    I support everyone which is against these Greek objections because every year is the same and every year you claim that Macedonians are the ones to blame, but you are starting first.

    After all, these IS a song contest and that video is a tourist video for Skopje in which they have these monuments. Feel free to film your clip with Alexander.

  • Christos Sarantoudis 5 years ago

    So what? If ERT has the guts (or the money) they should film a video clip in Thessaloniki, at our statue of Alexander the Great.

  • Daniel Teppe 5 years ago

    It is not FYR Macedonia provoking Greece, but Greece making a provokation out of everything in order to get some attention. Greeks, cross for fingers for your own entry (which I like pretty much btw.) and stop harrassing others. This is a SONG contest, guys!

  • Dan (@thequalitydan) 5 years ago

    You seriously need read back your article and proof read, such poor writing here. Your quick to make judgement on other websites and comment on how incorrect their news is but this article right here is a joke. But if it makes you feel better writing anything (no matter how ridiculous it sounds) to make your country look better when in reality, they are more or less hitting rock bottom then you go for it! :)

  • Thea Paps 5 years ago

    I’m Greek myself and I agree with Danny DS Yong. This political whining every year is just ridiculous and it’s ruining ESC.

  • Basilis Basileiou 5 years ago

    Fanatic are the people of Fyrom… as concern the statue of Alexander the Great, Alexnader the great has nothing to do with slavs like the fyromians who come in europe on 6 century BC…. the macedonia history is greek not slavic!

  • Danny DS Yong 5 years ago

    Fanatic Greeks need to calm their tits and move on with their lives.
    Stop dragging politics into ESC for just ONE year.

  • Eaftomou Krymmeno 5 years ago

    I think that Greece will make everyone laugh of it, if it will send any complaint to EBU for this year’s FYROM representative song official video clip. First of all, the video is not supposed to compete in the ESC and, second, people already had the chance to see images of the statue of “Aleksandar Veliki” from the center of Skopje, associated with the country.

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