LOREENThe oikotimes.com team attended the final of Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix 2013 and we can tell you it was an amazing show. Landslide victory for Margaret Berger whom oikotimes.com was the first to interview her and you can watch the video here. But it wasn’t only that!

During the show we enjoyed two interval performances which were absolutely stunning. First we had the one and only, the amazing Eurovision 2012 winner Loreen singing “My Heart is Refusing Me” a total smashing hit in Europe. The we heard the new version of Tooji’s “Stay” which represented the country in Eurovision 2012 as well. He was looking sexy and much more confident than in Baku. Enjoy the interval performances below.

that’s it from Oslo, thank you all for following oikotimes.com


  1. Tooji was really awsome yesterday! His vocal is much better now than for 1 year ago. I hope he will keep on being a active artist here in Norway, we need a male artist like him!
    While watching Tooji and Loreen I was thinking that it would had been fun if Eurovision could test one year to remove the rule about being only 6 persons on stage. It would had been fun to see what the different nations would had done.

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