• Olga Period 5 years ago

    I will definitely support him, look at his smile! so cute. Good luck to you

  • Anastasiya Kravchenko 5 years ago

    this song *__________________* i can`t stop listnenig it, u know so long time on repeat =) and not only the song, he is just so nice person, u can feel it only by watching his pictures and videos) Go Farid!

  • Alezandra Golubeva (@aleksptiz) 5 years ago

    It’s so great Farid gets all this publicity! He has a great voice and personality, he deserves it!

  • Nataliya Vinogradova 5 years ago

    So touchful performance))))

  • Violetta Ivanova 5 years ago

    How Farid can singing this song so much times and everytime he does it so good. I can’t explain it. Lovely.

  • Varvara Obolonchykova 5 years ago

    so sincere)

  • Žarko Rađenović (@Zarko_R) 5 years ago

    Great song and of course great singer! Be proud of yorself F!

  • milandartanjan 5 years ago

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