There are information in the local press that Ukrainian national broadcaster received an EBU warning that NTU might endanger the Junior Eurovision 2013 hosting due to its debt to the European Broadcasting Union. NTU debt is about 3 million Euros as of 2007 and although the broadcaster is paying some of it already, EBU seems to have sent an ultimatum to NTU: if by August the debt is not paid off then the EBU will suspend active membership to the broadcaster.

This means that Eurovision Song Contest 2014 will be totally in the air but there will be huge problem with the hosting of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 which is undertaken by the Ukrainian national broadcaster. Local media report that final payment for the debt is mainly delayed because the Parliament is about to decide the future of the national broadcaster which is about to restructured and threfore there cannot be any official payment by the current broadcaster.

we kindly asked the EBU to comment the story and await for a reply

It is also reported that most of the Eurovision team of NTU has resigned to work in commercial broadcasters so there is actually almost no one in NTU to organize and set the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest.