ESCKAZ.COM REPORTS – Right after the end of the Jury final we’ve got in touch with the heads of delegations of participated countries to get their comments on how they think the performance went for their entries, as well as what do they think about the light problem that has stopped the show for 70 minutes.

We apologize to the head of delegation of The Netherlands Anja Zegwaard, who was kind to give her comments as well, but unfortunately due to sound problems on our side we have omitted this recording from the compilation. Ms Zegwaard thinks rehearsal went really well for Julia.

Several heads of delegations were unable to give their comments, some were simply in some hurry, while one of the countries has thought the situation was pretty embarrassing, and the other delegation was really unhappy with the work of production team on their performance. We’re thankful for everyone eventually speaking out, and here is what they had to say:

with special thanks to Andy Mikheev from allowing us to share the news

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