VALLETTA, MALTA – Today the host country, Malta, had the first technical rehearsal at Marsa Shipbuilding. During her performance the President of Malta was there watching how the Maltese “diamond” is doing and congratulated her later on as already reported by

Federica’s performance was exactly to the point. One professional rehearsal as if it was in the final dress rehearsal. Solo performance, strong vocals and diamonds in the background. Although first attempt Federica didn’t need much to deliver absolutely perfectly her song. Dramatic sentiment all over the arena and surely the audience will go frantic on Saturday night. Yes, rarely it happens the recent years anymore, but host country Malta is bidding to win again!

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  1. Not gonna happen! Gaia Cauchi is totes better! Federica has a good voice I must admit, however, if Malta wins again, I could easily delete my account on WordPress.

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