Nonconventional Machining Machine Shop


Traditional means and methods of doing things have always been considered the norm and essentially the only way to do things, but as times have changed, techniques and creativity have evolved, we are seeing more nontraditional, even unconventional means to get the job done. And if this results in the same quality of the product if not better, then what have you got to lose?

We don’t need to be stuck in our ways just because it works, sure, we can trust it, rely on it to get the result or effect we want, but sometimes we want more. And rightly so. Why should society or history dictate how we envision things being done when we are thinking outside of the box, sitting on the other side of the fence, or even swimming upstream to try something new? If you have a vision and believe that it could work then why not give it a go? 

When it comes to designing and creating a prototype or product that is near and dear to your heart you want it done to the highest standards possible and if going off course with new and innovative forming or shaping techniques is the way then I am all for it. 


The world of metals, shaping them, forming them, and molding them into a product that, we have either had bespoke designed or scribbled down in a sketchbook while on the train commute home, is an achievement. More often than not young children with dreams bigger than they can write down (see here on why you should never give up on them) grow up and end up joining the masses, the crowds, and the rat-race of the hum-drum 9-5 workweek without ever making the opportunity to make their dreams come true. 

As a young kid who may have gone with their parent to work on a Saturday morning having to hang around till midday when the shift ended you soon become curious, even more so if their office happens to be a workshop filled with every tool imaginable and the smell of grease in the air and evident on overalls and boots. A kid’s dream.  You begin to look around. To have a wander. And marvel at the processes happening by machines and operators working seamlessly together like an orchestra whose melody goes on forever without tiring. 

You see sparks flying, steam pouring out of vents and pipes, and at the end of the conveyer belt a unified stack of metal parts all fitting effortlessly into each other as they are stamped out by the machine. 

But then something catches your eye. 

In the back area away from the hustle and bustle is what appears to be an independent workshop but with the exception of a bright light beam and what looks like a robotic syringe, your eyes are locked as you walk towards the rear end of the warehouse. 

There you find a middle-aged man working the same metal as you have seen around the workshop but the intricacies of the metal, once he is done with it, could be a piece of art. The attention to detail, the precision of the individual cuts and shapes near perfect as if they had been cut painstakingly by hand for hours, leaves you speechless. 

He looks up, gives a small side smile, and simply says, ‘cool right?’ And it was. 

The world of unconventional

An unconventional machining process or nontraditional machining is the method whereby work is done on metal or another material source but without direct contact between the material and the tool. There are many positives when it comes to the world of unconventional and companies such as UHI Group have come to understand this and are paving the way for the future in the metal machining industry. 

Let’s look at some of the benefits this technology is bringing to the table and why it is quickly becoming the method of choice for many professionals. 

  • Accuracy. The precision and accuracy put this above many traditional approaches and can be elevated to levels usually only possible on a computer screen or hand-drawn, yet are being implemented into intricate designs for bespoke and one-of-a-kind products. 
  • Finish. Using this mechanism to execute a customer’s vision allows for a higher quality finish, there are no loose edges, rough corners, or bits, and the overall look is high-end. At the end of the day, you want to, as a metal forming and shaping firm, to deliver an exceptional product to your clients. Word of mouth spreads quicker than any news report and it could be what makes for the next few customers to be your million-dollar milestone.
  • Complexity. No design, nor shape, or creation is too complex to be executed. All those fine markings, hidden logos or symbols, and even dates can be easily hidden in plain sight within your image.
  • Longevity. We know, that like with all tools and equipment, they have a life span and due to excessive wear and tear eventually throw in the towel for retirement. With the nontraditional this is not nearly as damaging on the equipment and tools accessories due to zero contact and your investment in this type of machinery will outlast its warranty.

Say no more.

For a quality product you need to work with the best, find a firm that has your goals and best interests at heart because when you succeed they also succeed, rather than an overly large corporation looking to get a new project in and out within a few months and onto the next. 

Sure you can still opt for the methods you have come to know and love and no one is saying they are not as effective – having been around for decades speaks for itself, to be honest – but new and innovative means make the jobs more efficient and you can spend more time on the things that matter the most. Life is short, use the technology readily available to produce your dream and enjoy reaping the benefits that are so well-deserved.