Martin Rolinski – the handsome bastard – today follows up his Melodifestivalen hit ‘In & Out Of Love’, with a brand new single. ‘On The Run’. It’s a song that itself sounds like it could have been cock of the walk on that Melodifestivalen stage. Thanks in part to it being quite amazing, but also because of those dramatic BOOM BOOM BOOM sounds that herald the beginning of the chorus. We live for shit like that.


Terese Fredenwall has followed up her Melodifestivalen debut ‘Breaking The Silence‘ with a brand new single. It’s ‘I’m Holy Ground’, and it’s taken from her album, also called ‘Breaking The Silence’, which was released in the last few weeks. We were never all that fond of the song ‘Breaking The Silence’, although it went down quite well with a lot of Melodifestivalen fans, and actually did alright for itself in the contest. Christ only knows how though.

Buoyed by the success and resounding admiration of her cover of ABBA’s ‘The Winner Takes It All’ earlier this year, Sarah Dawn Finer has now tackled a newer classic. It’s Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’. The sound of summer 2013. The song that is this week on course to become the fastest selling single of the year in the UK. She transforms the song into an acoustic ballad, accompanied by her own good self on the guitar. It’s a gorgeous version of what’s already an amazing track. And of course it’s always fantastic to hear those vocals