REYKJAVIK, ICELAND – Greta Salóme who represented Iceland in 2012 Eurovision Song Contest released a brand new song and video titled “Lifnar after við” (Coming Back To Life).

VALLETTA, MALTA – Chris & Moira, represented Malta in the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest and now they are back with their fourth album titled “Ninety Nights & A Monday”. Below you can see the video of “Vampires” included in their album. The band states that this album is the result of years of hard work and intention for quality and great production.

WARSAW, POLAND – The 1994 Polish Eurovision representative has released the official videoclip of her latest single Your High / Day. She remains one of the top Polish stars, top international star despite her statements against participating in Eurovision again.

BERLIN, GERMANY – Roman Lob, the 2012 German representative in the Eurovision Song Contest presented today his brand new single and video clip. His new song is titled “All That Matters” and the complete album of his is due to be released on July 25th. Watch the video here