PRESS RELEASE – At EuroClub we have listened to the concerns and good suggestions from the OGAE community and as a result we have made some nice changes to the EuroClub wristband package. The changes are:

1) Presale! A limited number of wristbands will be available for presale from April 28. This means that you, if you are fast, can buy wristbands in advance, instead of having to go to the Tourist Office every day.

2) You can now exchange 1 drink coupon for 2 soft drinks or 2 bottles of water.

About the wristbands:
EuroClub wristbands give one day access to EuroClub and are only available for OGAE members with a valid membership card.

The number of available wristbands differ from day to day and it’s first come, first serve. A wristband package consists of a wristband and two drink coupons for EuroClub and costs 100 DKK (the price of the two drinks – the wristband itself is free).

It is not possible to get a wristband without buying the two drink coupons. This system is made to ensure that the people picking up the wristbands actually make use of them and come to EuroClub. In the end this means that more fans get the chance to experience EuroClub, because we avoid having people picking up free wristbands without using them.

There is maximum one wristband per person per day so it is not possible to pick up wristbands for your friends. When all wristbands for a certain day are given out, this will be posted on EuroClub’s Facebook page:

From April 28 there will be a limited number of wristband packages available for pre-sale for future dates. This means that you can buy wristband packages for your whole stay in Copenhagen if you are fast. That way you don’t have to visit the Tourist Information every day to get your wristband.

The wristbands can be obtained at:
Tourist Information
Vesterbrogade 4A
1577 Copenhagen
Time: 14.00-18.00 (or until sold out)

If any left, wristbands can also be obtained from the service team outside EuroClub, when EuroClub opens at night. Visit EuroClub’s Facebook page: to see if there are any left, before you head to EuroClub without a wristband.

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