The European Broadcasting Union has refreshed its image by launching a new dynamic logo. The new logo focuses of the letter “O” in the word Eurovision, creating the feeling of a pulse, engraving motion and dynamism. According to the Eurovision Song Contest Executive Supervisor, Jan Ola Sand, the new logo symbolises diversity. However, tradition will be upheld with “Te Deum” playing as the logo is screened.

The new Eurovision logo will debut at the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest tomorrow. Avril Mahon Roberts, head of Corporate Identity said, “The Junior Eurovision Song Contest is the ideal platform for the launch: The event represents the true spirit of Eurovision, bringing European audiences together to share fun, family entertainment. It’s appropriate it should be the first programme to carry the logo”.

The new logo will appear in Malmo as well just prior to the beginning of the Eurovision broadcast. The Eurovision heart logo, in use since 2004, remains unchanged and will also prominently feature in Sweden.