New Breakthroughs in Hip Replacement Surgery

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The methods used for hip replacement surgery have changed drastically over the last 60 years- as long as this surgery has been performed. New developments in the surgery have been coming out of Vilnius, Lithuania for a while, and it makes sense to look there for the future of how this surgery will be performed. 

The Seat of Advancement

The Lithuanian hospital Kardiolita has been working alongside surgeons and other medical professionals throughout the world in creating advancements in hip replacement surgery. The hospital has helped push the boundaries of medical knowledge in this surgery niche, and their work is giving hope to people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis (more details), and hip fractures. 

Thanks to incredible advancements in medical technology, hip replacement surgery has become less and less invasive over time. That means smaller incisions and a greatly reduced recovery time. 

Kardiolita uses robot technology to perform very intricate and precise surgical functions. Their robotic equipment assists experienced surgeons in performing maneuvers they would not be able to do on their own. Modern technology allows for 3-D models to be created as well so that surgeons can plan out their method of treatment and every move of the surgery before they cut into the patient. 

With 3-D printed implants, patients receive customized components that fit them perfectly and that allow for ease of movement and greater comfort. 

A Focus on Better Patient Outcome

State of the art computer technology is making hip replacement surgery easier, safer, and more comfortable. With this technology, surgeons are able to be more precise in their movements and cut down on how much trauma the patient experiences during surgery. That’s beneficial to the patient and the surgeon.

Over the last few years, we have seen advancements coming out of the Kardiolita Hospital Lithuania. The surgeon and medical researchers there are pioneers in their field, and thanks to their breakthroughs in robot-assisted surgery and computer models, hip replacement surgery is not nearly as risky or unpredictable as it used to be. The surgeons there use computers to place implants precisely, ensuring a good fit and minimizing host rejection. 

With these advancements, there are fewer complications for patients to worry about, and patients can heal much faster. This means less tissue damage and greater overall comfort for patients. The computer-created hip implants function better than anything that surgeons have used in the past, and patients say they work just like their own hips. 

Kardiolita emphasizes exceptional post-operative treatment and provides its patients with necessary care to help them recover quickly and transition back to their normal life following surgery. Thanks to the devotion and research of Kardiolita doctors, patients there enjoy a greater quality of life.