Couple days ago Croatian national broadcaster stated that we won’t see their representative in Denmark. They said that it is due to the financial crisis, but that is such a valid excuse.

San Marino and FYR Macedonia are smaller countries and they already have not just confirmed their performances, but also chosen their representatives.

Many people who work at HRT expressed their dissatisfaction regardless the decision. Also several Eurovision related artists joined them, but the most disappointed are the fans.

One more decision has to be made by HRT and that is if they will air the Grand Final of next year’s show.

In the past few years we have celebrated on heaven with Croatia and it all ended with mizery. I really don’t know how much does entering fee costs for Croatia, but I do know that the expenses in those two Eurovision weeks can be large.When a country withdraws I really wonder why they don’t try to make a deal with a singer or group which is willing to pay most of expenses and also make some cuts, like not bringing their own hairdressers, makeup artists, specially sewed costumes. Keep it simple and it won’t be that expensive.

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