NATALIA KELLYNatalia Kelly, the 2013 Austrian Eurovision representative says she would be extremely happy to bring victory to her country for the first time in 47 years. However, she notes, “It depends on numerous factors which are out of my control. But I also want to start my music career and release my album soon. I will always make music, no matter what”, Kelly says. The young 18 year old will release her first album in April.

Natalia met up with the 2011 Croatian Eurovision representative Daria to give her some tips on the upcoming competition. “The most important tip that she gave me was to have fun and not to get stressed. She said I should always focus on the essentials – that I am there to make music”. Natalia says she prefers natural instruments in music, “Synthesizers are not my thing”. “I like many genres, including rock and older stuff like Nirvana, Janis Joplin and Etta James. But my absolute idol is Celine Dion. Maybe it’s a good omen that she was also in Eurovision”.

Speaking of her Eurovision entry “Shine”, Natalia says, “My producer Alexander Kahr wrote the melody, I wrote the lyrics, and so made the song mine. It’s about getting up and never losing hope. That was important to me. Actually I’m never nervous. When I stand on stage, I would prefer to not get off”.