COLOGNE, GERMANY – Month ago, DR asked the public for suggestions about the contest improvement. How could ESC2014 become a contest to remember? Hundreds of fans have answered this tough question though the #MyEurovisionIdea facebook page, and we now have a winner!

Thomas Majer, from Germany, won a trip to the contest since his idea was chosen by DR and will come to life in Copenhagen.

Each year, we enjoy the looking back and vintage videos of former contests but Thomas has suggested DR to do exactly the opposite. Let’s imagine the contest in the future! What will it look like in decades from now?

2014 head of show, Jan Lagermand Lundme was thrilled with the idea: “It’s a fun idea to imagine what Eurovision will look like in the future. He’s absolutely right that there’s a lot of looking back. That’s why it’s been a fun task to figure out what the future will look like. We have used his idea as the basis and then interpreted it our way and it’s going to look really good on stage, I promise.”

The lucky winner was really surprised his innocent suggestion was chosen by the host broadcaster: “I’m very honoured to be contributing to the show. I just voiced my opinion on Facebook and didn’t think I would hear anymore of it. When I was contacted by DR, who said they would use my idea, I was really proud.”

So many surprises and innovations are waiting for us on B&W Hallerne stage… wait and see!

Written by Olivier Rocher (France)

Salut! Born just a few days after Marie Myriam's last victory for my homeland (that's a sign), I've been an ESC fan since Zagreb 1990. In late 2013, I was lucky enough to join the Oikotimes team and even attended my very first contest in situ in Wonderful Copenhagen. Then it was Vienna, Sofia, Stockholm and soon it will be Valletta and Kiev. More to come...