MOJE 3Moje 3, the Serbian representatives at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, have their preparations in full swing ahead of the upcoming event. The RTS team and the trio have begun practising new choreography for the performance in Malmo. Furthermore, the girls will be wearing new costumes and there will be some acting involved on stage as well. However, RTS reveals the Mirna, Sara and Nevena won’t be on stage alone in Malmo but adds that more details will be revealed soon.

Choreographer Miloš Paunović says, “Ljubav je svuda offers plenty opportunities for dance but acting as well. The girls are excellent singers and they like to dance. Their performance will win over the audience”. He adds the girls fit perfectly with this year’s slogan “We Are One”. “We are equal, we share the same passion, happiness and dilemmas but we all celebrate love, despite all of our differences”. Serbia performs last in the first semi final on May 14.