Following the huge success of the live show “Céline Dion, le grand show” offered by TV channel France 2 last Saturday and followed by circa 5,000,000 viewers (23,2% market share), other channels announced shows with the 1988 Eurovision winner.

With the recent release of her new French album “Sans attendre” after 5 years of absence, Céline Dion has embarked herslef on an unprecedented promotion campaign in France. The album has been certified Triple Platinum (i.e. 300,000 estimated copies sold) after two weeks only. French TV channels seem to all want a piece of the cake, planning special shows with the Canadian diva.

After France 2, sister channel France 5 will receive Céline Dion in popular chat show “C à vous” tomorrow, while France 3 – which is in charge of the Eurovision Song Contest within the France Télévisions group – has announced yesterday another prime time show with Céline Dion on December 17.

Finally, channel NRJ12 has announced today its own special show with Céline Dion set on December 20, at 10.40p.m. Entitled “We love Céline…”, the show will be co-hosted by the 2001 Eurovision entrant Natasha St-Pier and will be an opportunity to review with the Canadian singer her 30-year long career through exclusive TV documents, live duets, interview sessions with fans, surprise guests, etc.

During the show, many popular artists will come and perform Céline Dion’s main successes. Among the lucky singers are to be found Corneille who wrote and composed the 2006 French entry “Il était temps” performed by Virginie Pouchain, the 2011 French Eurovision entrant Amaury Vassili as well as the 2013 Belgian representative Roberto Bellarosa.

Here under is an extract from France 2’s special live show with Céline Dion aired last Saturday. Céline sang together with famous French singer Patrick Bruel better known to Eurovision fans, besides his own successes, as one of the writers and composers of the 2002 French Eurovision entry “Il faut du temps” sung by Sandrine François.

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