MORAN MAZORThe Eurovision 2013 entrant for Israel Moran Mazor attended the annual OGAE Israel meeting. During the metting the regional fans selected their top ten for the Eurovision 2013 the voting of which is presented exclusively tonight on

266 points for Germany
247 points for Denmark
228 points for Norway
171 points for the Netherlands
168 points for San Marino
126 points for Italy
119 points for Sweden
107 points for the United Kingdom
102 points for Azerbaijan
096 points for Ukraine

Moran Mazor the Israeli representative to Eurovision Song Contest 2013 atteneded the meeting and sang her song “Rak Bshivelo” She tank everyone who is giving her the support at home and abroad. On our way outside I had asked her what is her favorite song that is participating in the coming esc 2013 and she said that she likes the Georgian and the Danish Song. The oikotimes team and the Israeli editor are wising her good luck in Malmo.