Ictimai TV, national broadcaster from Azerbaijan, is finishing their preparations for tomorrow’s national final. The show will take part at the Buta Palace in Baku at 17:50 CET (20:50 local time) and you will be able to watch it at Eurovision.tv streaming. Buta Palace is not strange at hosting Eurovision events, as it previously hosted the 2010 NF, and also the Semifinal Allocation Draw for Baku, back in January, 2012. The show is expected to be 2 hours long. As we could have learned, a total of 10 singers will try to represent, last year’s ESC host country, in Malmö. They are:

01. Leyla Qafari – Pride
02. Vüqar Muradov – Baby baby
03. Valeriya Hüseynzadə – If this is love
04. Leyla Əliyeva – Welcome to the sun
05. Fərəh Hadıyeva – We are one
06. Nigar Hüseynova – I still believe
07. Vlada Axundova – Big Time
08. Rəvanə Əliyeva – Lovely King
09. Fərid Məmmədov – Hold Me
10. Aysel Babayeva – Sleazy Mo

The winner will become the 6th Azerbaijani ESC representative ever. The presenters will be no other than Leyla Aliyeva, who presented the contest in Baku, and Tural Asadov. These following acts will also have the chance to perform at the show: National Music Group, in a remix with Boro-Boro song (Arash’s song), Eldar Gasimov (Ell, winner of ESC 2011), Tunzala Agayeva and Chingiz Mustafayev. 8 weeks have been necessary, throughout the last 5 months to select these 10 candidates, amongst 80. It was expected that there were 8, but a tie happened during 2 of the shows.

Who will follow Sabina’s steps on representing the Caucasian country in Sweden? You’ll find out tomorrow. Greek composer, Dimitris Kontopoulos, could be probably penned by Ictimai to send a song for them, who was sung by Farid Mammadov, at the talent-show, Boyuk Sehne. The song is called, Hold me, as we reported some days ago. Listen to it, below:


  1. Some of these songs are very good! I’m going to watch the show. Let’s hope that they are going to send the best one to Malmo!

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