Azerbaijan will today start the national selections for Eurovision Song Contest 2013, in Malmö, Sweden, May, APA reports. About 80 candidates will compete in the selection that will be broadcast live on Public Television today. The national selections will last for eight weeks.

The procedure will be held in the same way as every year. The candidates will demonstrate their performances on weeknights of certain weeks. On Fridays, the winner of 5 days will be defined. Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2013 representative will be selected among the winners of every week.

The names of the first nine participants of the national selection for the Eurovision 2013 song contest are known. They are New Skin band, Jahangir Gasimzadeh, Madina Muradkhanova, Vugar Muradov, Anna Zemchenko, Nigar Alizadeh, Elgiz Mammadov, Rinat Alimov and Tomris Naibli.

The participants will be divided into 8 groups and will compete for 8 weeks. Monday was determined for the Eurovision hits, Tuesday for the Azerbaijani art, Wednesday for world hits and Thursday for stage shows. Friday is free for the participants.

A participant can sing his or her song again that he of she sang it in the first four days. The representative will be determined by both televoting and jury.