• Eaftomou Krymmeno 4 years ago

    Just remove the “www.” part from the link I previously posted in order for it to work, please.

  • Eaftomou Krymmeno 4 years ago

    What you wrote IS NOT TRUE, Aza Mtz! Now, everyone knows the result of that year and it’s true that the live performance could’ve been much better, but if anyone would listen to the studio recorded variant of the song, it could only sincerely conclude that it was a very good song and an even innovative-like one for the ESC. Final ranking in the contest isn’t many times conclusive for the quality of a song. Listen here: http://www.youtu.be/mf27Rm_tcZc

  • Aza Mtz 4 years ago

    JAJAJAJAJAJ XD the worst representative of greece! poor Michalis….