The Malta Eurovision week is here. The stage is almost ready for action with a huge number of LED screens and an array of lights and visual effects including floor lights for the very first time.

The set is another superb design of Carlo Schembri. In a short interview with Mr Schembri, he expressed that he wanted to experiment with the axis and ramps going down to the public. He added that the set is specifically designed for a television show with a large number of camera angles being prepared.

The Director of Photography is none other than Johnny Mc, Stage Graphics Coordinator for the Isle of MTV concerts. Nick Malbon, catalyst in several architectural lighting programming on the MTV is the the Lighting Director for the festival.

Arturo Pellegrini is the Front of House Eengineer. Pellegrini is mostly noted for his collaboration with the Italian popular commercial channel Canale 5, Mediaset Group. Filippo Zecchini is the Monitor Engineer. Zecchini’s portfolio includes work for a number of international artists including Andrea Bocelli, Zucchero, Pino Daniele, Riccardo Cocciante and Pavarotti to mention a few.

The set design together with the light and sound system is going to be a ‘first’ for Malta. Meanwhile, a number of rehearsals have been planned for the whole week. Let’s see who’s going to rock the stage this year.