Europe are you ready? The 58th Eurovision Song Contest 2013 takes place tonight in Malmö Arena, in Malmö, Sweden. 39 countries participated this year and 26 of them are in the final. Viewrs and national juries will decide the winner 50% each. There are some critical information you need to know for tonight’s show:

The show will be aired through all participants regional national broadcasters
The show will be aired in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Turkey, Australia, China, Portugal
The show will be streamed online through and Eurovision App
The show begins at 21:00 CET and will last about 3 hours hosted by Petra Mede
You can televote only 20 times by one phone device and not for your own country
Bets and most polls predict Denmark to win the Eurovision Song Contest 2013
Each country will give points based on Top 25 televoting and Top 25 jury voting this year
Voting order is determined by special software at the very last minute to provide excitement
The order of appearance can be found here
For Televoting and SMS voting please consult your national broadcaster’s official page

1 San Marino John Kennedy O’Connor 21 Bulgaria Joana Dragneva
2 Sweden Yohio 22 Belgium Barbara Louys
3 Albania Andri Xhahu 23 Russia Alsou
4 Netherlands Cornald Maas 24 Malta Emma Hickey
5 Austria Kati Bellowitsch 25 Estonia Rolf Roosalu
6 United Kingdom Scott Mills 26 Germany Lena
7 Israel Ofer Nachshon 27 Iceland Maria Sigrun Hilmarsdottir
8 Serbia Maja Nikolic 28 France Marine Vignes
9 Ukraine Matias 29 Greece Andriana Magania
10 Hungary Éva Novodomszky 30 Ireland Nicky Byrne
11 Romania Sonia Argint 31 Denmark Sofie Lassen-Kalhke
12 Moldova Olivia Furtuna 32 Montenegro Ivana Sebek
13 Azerbaijan Tamilla Shirinova 33 Slovenia Andrea F
14 Norway Tooji 34 Georgia Liza Tsiklauri
15 Armenia Andre 35 FYR Macedonia Dimitar Atanasovski
16 Italy Federica Gentile 36 Cyprus Loukas Hamatsos
17 Finland Kristiina Wheeler 37 Croatia Uršula Tolj
18 Spain Inés Paz 38 Switzerland Mélanie Freymond
19 Belarus Darya Domracheva 39 Lithuania Ignas Krupavicius
20 Latvia Anmary